UKFG Children (Galle) 2011

UKFG was originally formed by a group of friends in UK to bring immediate relief to Tsunami victims.

We have since built 7 houses, given 200+ scholarships, bought shoes and much more.

Now that tsunami children have been well looked after UKFG moved in to Rural Srilanka where poverty is rife.

UKFG Children (Galle) 2008

UKFG Children (Matara) 2009

Thumber Children with gifts 2007

UKFG Children (Galle) 2007

UK Friends of Galle

UKFG Children (Galle 2011)

UKFG Children (Matara) 2011

Puswelkada Children with Gifts 2007

Lilians Library Massmulle school 2008

Ullala Children with new shoes 2006

UKFG Children Galle 2009

UK Friends of Galle

UKFG Children 2005. First ever Scholars of UKFG 2005

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