UKFG (UK Friends of Galle)  is a grass root charity founded by a UK Srilankan family and their British friends immediately after the Asian Tsunami in 2004.

Originally, It was engaged in  tsunami relief work in Galle for a few months and helped many victims’ families. During that time UKFG has built 7 tsunami houses . offered 75 scholarships, books and shoes for many families in Galle who lost everything to Tsunami.  

Once the major foreign charities took over the relief work in Galle, UKFG moved to Kamburupitiya, a rural town in Matara District to help poor children and under-funded village schools.

With the help of  a few British Philanthropists, UKFG so far has donated 7 new school libraries, 2000 pairs of new shoes for children, 4 Badminton Courts, many hundreds of books, 25 computers and 210 scholarships to children.

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