If you would like to donate to UK Friends of Galle please get in touch.

We believe you should know where any money you donate goes, and therefore we don’t accept open donations.  Please get in touch with us and tell we’ll advise you how can help and then keep you in touch with how your money is being spent.

You could donate £100 a year to sponsor a child throughout her schooling, or donate one-off £300 which would enable us to buy new pairs of shoes for 75 children or buy a first ever computer for a rural school or two.  In the past we have built three libraries in three different rural schools thanks to the £6000 each donated by Alan Hutchison, Nicky Pharoah, Johnson Matthey, Neil Carson & family and Sam Kennelly. (See Activities page).  We would like other philanthropists and major companies in UK to look at all our work, talk to generous friends mentioned above, and then to consider donating a library or computer centre which would be beneficial not only to the school children but also the whole community.  Whether you donate £10 or £6000 UKFG would keep you informed of where it is spent to give you the sense of involvement and you would finally get to see the pictures or video of the end result.

To read more about how to sponsor a child please click here

To contact UKFG please send an email to: Devsiri@hotmail.com

A few sponsors like Neil Carson, Colin Newbold and his wife Nicky Paharoah, Alan Hutchison, Gill Budd, Mick & Val Crittenden, Margret Taylor and Sue Fuller and family, Rob Steed & family have already been to Srilanka. Not only they have met the children they sponsor and their families  and  visited the schools , but they have also had wonderful holidays in Srilanka.    Srilanka is undoubtedly the most beautiful island in the world, with a 2000 year old history.  You are  most welcome to visit this splendid country at any time and also meet the children you support

The best way to fly to Srilanka is by Srilankan Airways (www.srilankan.com)  who are renowned for their excellent customer service. There are many tour companies that would arrange package tours to fit your requirement.  Many of our sponsors first embark on a weeks tour around this beautiful island and then come to Galle where UKFG is based.  You could stay at famous Light House or Closenburg Hotel.  Please see our Sri Lanka page for a typical tour you and the family would enjoy.

Once you arrived at Galle at the end of your tour, it is time to see a different side of Srilanka where poverty is rife and parents are struggling to feed their children.  It is the opportunity to see how your little donation has make a vast difference to a poor child’s life.

Mr G (Devsiri’s father- in- Law, Sirisena Gamage) and family would meet you there and take you to see the children you sponsor at their homes and also arrange visits to any school you have supported.  As Colin has eloquently described in his blog it would be an emotional roller coaster for you.

If you make the trip in any July or August when Devsiri and family would be in Srilanka for five weeks to meet all 200+ children they sponsor at the annual tea parties, their homes as well as visiting rural schools with gifts, you would be able to join all their UKFG activities. For a first hand account of such activities taken place, please see Colin Newbold Blog

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