Annual donation of the new uniforms and pairs of shoes for Massmulle school children

On 24th January 2014, on behalf of Nicky Pharoah and her husband Colin Newbold , UKFG Srilanka chairman Sirisena Gamage and Devsiri’s  cousins Ananda & Dharmadasa Hewavidana presented every children new school uniforms and a pair of shoes, 5 pair of socks and panties each.  .The principals of neighbouring school ,hundreds of parents and many villagers were also present . The VIPS were greeted at the gate by the  school band (All band equipment and uniforms were donated by Nicky Pharoah two years before ) and taken them to the ceremony in a beautiful parade

The children whose parents wont even earn £10 a week were delighted to receive brand new pairs of socks, shoes and uniforms that cost more than £25 each.  The children performed beautiful cultural dances and singsongs on the stage Nicky Pharoah herself had  donated four  years previously . In his speech Mr Sirisena Gamage, UKFG Chairman thanked  Nicky, Colin and The Learning curve for the wonderful  gifts and expressed children and their parents gratitude to them

The enclosed photos of smiling children at Massmulle School  show how delighted they were to receive the gifts

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Shoes donation for Grade 1 new children at Ullala Maha Vidyalaya

on 17th January 2014 , on behalf of his grandson Deshan Hewavidana , Mr Sirisena Gamage donated brand new pairs of shoes and socks to all the new children of Grade 1 at Ulllala Maha Vidyalakya Kamburupitiya . The money for this wonderful gesture was raised by Deshan and his friends at his former school Norton Knatchbull in Ashford ,Kent .

.Mr Sirisena Gamage, and all other VIPs were garlanded at the school gate and was taken to the hall by the school band amid the cheers and applause of children and the parents . In his speech Mr Gamage praised his grandson and said it was a joy to see that Ullala school which was founded by Devsiri’s father Late Mr D C Hewavidana had been benefited by the philanthropy of three generations of his Family. He assured the children that Deshan, now a first year undergraduate at Warwick University would continue raise funds to help the school further. The school then staged a beautiful concert where children in very colourful costumes performed cultural dances , and sang songs . There were many speeches from the dignitaries and staff members

In his Thank You speech the principal expressed his utmost gratitude to Hewavidana family for the amazing presents the school had just received. He thanked UKFG for their continuing support for the school .At the end of the ceremony, all the guest and children were treated to Ice Cream.

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