Month: August 2017


Visit to Sapugoda Vidyaniketha School

Dinum Hewavidana , his father Devsiri and his uncle Ananda  Hewavidana visited Sapugoda Vidyaniketha School on 12th August 2017. The principal, staff and children gave them a warm welcome .  The children were delighted to receive a British coin each and sweets from Dinum .   After the assembly, Devsiri  donated 15000 Rupees  to the school’s […]


Visit to Sapugoda Rathanapala School

Dinum Hewavidana visited Sapugoda Rathanapala School with  the Kamburupitiya Seylan bank Manger Mr Sajeewa and Mr Ananda hewavidana. The school principal and children warmly welcomed the guests.   They visited the Neil Carson library , donated by Mr Neil and Mrs Helen Carson in 2012.  The principal said they all were grateful to carson family because […]

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