Visit to Sapugoda Vidyaniketha School

Dinum Hewavidana , his father Devsiri and his uncle Ananda  Hewavidana visited Sapugoda Vidyaniketha School on 12th August 2017. The principal, staff and children gave them a warm welcome .  The children were delighted to receive a British coin each and sweets from Dinum .   After the assembly, Devsiri  donated 15000 Rupees  to the school’s building project and promised to try to find a sponsor who could  help them with more funding.

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Deshan and Dinum’s visits to Ullala & Bibulewala Schools

Deshan and Dinum visited Ullala school founded by his Grandfather on the school’s volunteers day (17 August 2017).

They entertained the children by conducting  a “Game show” and gave away  various prizes.   At the end of the event they were delighted to receive an ice cream treat.

Later they made a surprise visit to Bibulwela primary school and gave presents to all the children.

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The two unexpected Visitors to Massmulle School

The Principal, Staff and children at Massmulle school were surprised and delighted to see Dinum and Deshan Hewavidana visiting school unannounced.  They came with many gifts and sweets for the children.    Dinum entertained the children with sing songs and appeared in  group photos with them. The principal thanked the two brothers  for the gifts and expressed their wish to see the school’s  main benefactor, Mrs Nikki Pharoah(UK)   in 2018.

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