UKFG Tea Party for The Galle Children and Parents

UKFG annual tea party for Galle scholars hosted by Devsiri  Ruvini and their three children took place at Welliwatta Temple in Galle.

Chief Guests were the leading Buddhist monks in Galle Rev Pananagala Hemaloka, Rev Thawalama Siddartha, Rev Bamunugama Rewatha  and Rev Balangoda Buddagosha

More than 150 UKFG scholarship holders their parents and guests had a thoroughly wonderful day. Many of them sang songs and performed cultural dances and  Devsiri’s two boys Deshan and Dinum entertained them with English and Sinhala songs.  All the guests and children then enjoyed the  lovely tea party hosted by chairman Sirisena Gamage.

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Handing over Alan Hutchison Library to Gatare School Children

Alan Hutchison in London was one of the founding members of UKFG in 2005. Even before that Alan has been helping poor communities in Sri Lanka through the Harrow Trust. Immediately after the Tsunami tragedy,  Alan flew to Sri Lanka to offer immediate  help to many victims. He also managed to get  Johnson Matthey (London )  to donate 40 scholarships to poor children through UKFG. He funded the rebuilding of   the house belong to Lalitha and Sumathipala in Galle .

Since the tsunami tragedy Alan has been sponsoring five UKFG children throughout their education. On 2nd August 2011, Devsiri , Ruvini and their three children handed over the Alan Hutchison school library to children at Rural Gatare school in Kamburupitiya. It  was  built with Alan’s generous donation of £6000. Not only the children and parents but the whole village turned  up to see the opening ceremony and handing over.   Children sang songs and performed cultural dances. Devsiri and Ruvini’s two boys Dinum and Deshan thoroughly entertained the children and guests with their singing of English and Sinhala songs

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Johnson Matthey Tea Party

Johnson Matthey (London) was the first major company to  offer their help to tsunami victims through UKFG  in 2005.   They have been sponsoring 40 children every year since then.   When Devsiri and family went to Srilanka on their annual  charity work trip in August 2011, Mr  Neil Carson, the chief executive of Jonson Matthey was  on  holiday in Srilanka with his family.  A  tea party was  arranged by Mr Sirisena Gamage at Galle Fort Temple for  the family  to meet the children the company  sponsored.  The meeting was chaired by  the chief incumbent of the temple, Panangala Hemaloka Thero.

The children and their parents and guardians all were very  happy to see Mr Carson his wife Helen and children Peter, Phillip and Hannah in  person .The children gave  drawings, hand  crafts and other little home made gifts to the family and Neil and family gave  all the children stationery as gifts.   In his speech Mr   Carson said the party was the highlight of his holiday and he was  delighted to meet all the children his company sponsored.  He  said that he was very pleased the  way UKFG help the poor children and when he get back to England he would make  sure that the company offer more funds to  sponsor more children

All the sponsored children sang songs, performed dances in front  of Carson family and Deshan and Dinum Hewavidana entertained them with their  singing in return. At the end of the party everybody enjoyed  a great tea party .

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Ruckinge Rainbows donate computers to Howpe school

Rucking Rainbow group ( girls guide) at Ashford was one of  the first children’s group that came to help victims of tsunami in  Srilanka.   They have adopted Howpe  School in Galle since 2005 and have been  helping it with funds.  Every November  these little children run a fashion show to raise money for the poor children  at Howpe School. Mrs Alison Wynne the organiser of the Rainbows and frequent  traveller  to Srilanka went to Howpe  school with her daughter and presented the   children with  books and other  gifts   On 1st of August Howpe children were delighted to  receive from Devsiri and family two brand new computers and a scanner donated  by those wonderful Rainbow children in England.

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Update and Annual Dana

Every Summer, Devsiri and family go back to Srilanka for four weeks. During their stay they would o meet all the children the 200+ children  sponsor.  They also visit poor schools in Galle and Matara and donate equipment, text books and new pairs of shoes for children. Devsiri and Ruvini’s children During these visits, Deshan, Shynie and Dinum give away many toys to these children which they have collected from their generous school friends in England

Hewavidana family’s trip to Srilanka 2011 was the most successful and fullfillng  because not only they gave away books and shoes to children but they also  handed over a  school library (donated by Alan Hutchison ) to Gatare school and a computer room and school Stage (Donated by Nicky Pahroah) to Massmulle junior School

Annual Dana (Alms-giving) Ceremony 31st July 2011

Every Year Devsiri and start their family’s charity work in Sothern Srilanka by inviting all his relatives and sponsored children to participate an annual Alms-giving (Dana Ceremony ) to commemorate his late father and  philanthropist Mr D C Hewavidana, late mother Kusuma and   all the deceased family members of Hewavidana Generation.  2011 Dana ceremony was held at Devsiri’s  father’s birth place Kamburupitiya .  2011  dana ceremony was attended by 200 relative and friends

What is alms-giving… Click here

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Opening of LILLIAN Library at Massmulle Junior School at Kamburupitiya

On 21st August 2008, in front of a large gathering of children, teachers, villagers and many VIPs  and Devsiri Hewavidana and his family, The Chief Education Officer in Matara, ceremoniously handed over Lilian’s library to the school children.

The Lilian’s library was built with the generous donation of £6000 made by Nicky Pharoah, The Managing Director of Learning Curve, Management Consultancy in Tunbridge Wells UK, in memory of her dear  Grandmother Lillian Field.

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New shoes for pupils at Puswelkada junior school in Howpe Galle

Devsiri was in Srilanka for a week in May 2008. During that short period he visited several rural schools and gave away the pens his generous employer, Cummins Diesel System UK, had donated. He was shocked at the dilapidated state of some schools in the South.  One such school did not even have toilets.

Children at the Puswelkada Junior School in Galle greeted his party warmly. They sang beautiful songs in Sinhala, Tamil and English, and performed traditional dances.    Sadly, all the smiling children had no shoes. Every morning they walk along hot gravel roads for three or four miles to reach the school.  Their parents work at nearby tea estates and some earn less than £10 a month, so cannot afford to buy a pair of shoes for the equivalent £5. Devsiri was quite concerned to learn that the children were about to loose their temporary music teacher because the government would not want to continue paying her monthly salary of £11)

Devsiri was also quite concerned about the 50-year-old roof of the school, which was rotten to its core, and was an accident waiting to happen.

On his return to the UK Devsiri told his friends about the plight of these bright and beautiful children at the Puswelkada School. One of his friends, local Newsagent Michael immediately donated money to buy them shoes, another paid for one year’s salary for their music teacher so the children could continue to learn and play music at school. Mick and Val Chittenden paid for new books and Devsiri has started a fund to get the school roof repaired  In a grand ceremony, on 30th May 2008, Mr Sirisena Gamage and other guests presented the books and brand new pairs of shoes to all the children.  According to the principal Mrs Margret Wellapily, it was a joy to see the delighted children walking up and down the corridor to get used to walking in shoes for the first time in their life.      Thanks to the generosity of UKFG these children could now continue to learn and enjoy the music they love, and walk to school in shoes instead of bare feet.

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More shoes and A computer for Ullala school

Following the visit of Mick and Val Chittenden to Ullala school in March 2006, UKFG collected more funds and were able to complete the presentation of shoes to the rest of the schoolchildren. Also UKFG has donated a new computer to the Ullala school and this was presented on 08th March 2007.

The money was  raised by Children at Wilsborough Junior School and Kennington Junior school  in Ashford . Mr Alan Keen made up the difference.

The children will get an opportunity to develop computer skills now.

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Tea Party held in Galle for Children and Parents

UKFG annual tea party for Galle scholars hosted by Devsiri & Ruvini Hewavidana and their three children took place outside The Temple on Upper Dickman Road Galle on 17th August 2007.

Chief Guests were the leading Buddhist monks in Upper Dickman Road Galle Rev Maligawila  Assaji  and Donala Mcleod and his wife from Mandy in Ashford, Kent, UK.

More than 200 UKFG scholarship holders their parents and guests had a thoroughly renjoyable  day. Many children  sang songs and performed cultural dances and  Devsiri’s two boys Deshan and Dinum entertained them with English and Sinhala songs.  Rev Assaji and a few other  other VIPS  made speeches .  All the guests and children then enjoyed the  lovely tea party hosted by THE chairman Sirisena Gamage.   Each child received a gift pack of stationery from UKFG and a ruler by 4  year old Dinum. They all an  ice cream treat at the end and went home happily clutching their gifts

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