A VIP family from Canada visits Thumbe School

On 28th January 2015 Ms Audrey Inouye from Canada, her husband David, children  Taro, Kiyoshi and Kaito and Audrey’s mother Janet went to Thumbe School in Kamburupitiya. They were the first ever foreign visitors to this beautiful school established in 1937 . The staff, children, parents and villagers gave them a tremendous welcome. The Inouye family and all other VIPs were garlanded at the bottom of the hill was taken up to the school in a beautiful parade. The staff and children gave them a tremendous welcome and put up a cultural show where talented children in colourful costumes performed traditional dances and sang songs.

There were many speeches by the VIPs who expressed their gratitude to Inouye family and their friends in Canada who raised funds for the donations the school received. In his Thank You speech the Principal Pushparani expressed his utmost gratitude to Inouye family for the amazing presents the school had just received. She also thanked Mr Devsiri Mr Gamage and UKFG for their continuing support for the school .

Taro, Kiyosha and Kaito then donated a pair of brand new shoes each to all the 150 children at the school. They were also given pens and pencils. It was also the birthday of UKFG Lanka Chairman Sirisena Gamge. Amid the singing of Happy Birthday by all the children Mr Gamge cut open the birthday cake the school has specially baked for him. At the end of the five hour ceremony where the guests were entertained by cultural dances, singsongs and speeches ceremony, all the children were treated to Ice Cream from the funds donated by Devsiri’s two sons Deshan and Dinum.

You can read about this visit from the Inouye family’s perspective on their blog here

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