Donation of Sports equipment to Imaduwa Howpe school Children

On 28th March  2021, the UKFG Chief Organizer,  Mr Laksiri Hewavidana and his cousin Mr Ananda Hewavidana handed over sports equipment worth 50,000 Rupees to children at Howpe school at  Imaduwa.   This was an another generous donation by Mr. Neil Carson and his family from the UK.

Howpe children were delighted with new badminton, draught, Chess, and Carrom boards as well as many footballs. netballs and volleyballs. Accepting the gifts on behalf of the school, the school principal expressed their utmost gratitude to Mr. Neil Carson and his family.  Mr Laksiri and Mr Ananda have also distributed Period Towels among the young girls at Howpe. They were  donated by Mrs Ruvini Hewavidana’s close friend, Mrs. Gill Budd in UK Howpe school is the alma mater of Hewavidana brothers and sisters including Devsiri.

UKFG has been supporting the school and its children over the last 15 years.   Previous donations included computers, a projector, Camera, 100s of  books for the library and brand new pairs of  shoes for all 350 children. Accepting the gifts on behalf of his children , the  school principal expressed his gratitude to Carson family, Mrs. Budd  and Hewavidana Family for the latest gifts.  He said that the Howpe school and its children has been the beneficiary of  Mr Devsiri’ s generosity for  more than 15 years.  The principal also said that although Mr Devsiri went to Mahinda College in Galle and then to the country’s leading Buddhist school Ananda college Colombo for higher studies, he had never forgotten Howpe school where he received his primary education. The principal expressed his wish that with the generous help from his friends in UK, Mr Devsiri and his family would continue to support Howpe school  and its children.

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