New School books for special need children at Mapalana School

On 8 May 8  2033 , the special need children at Mapalana   school Kamburupitiya  were delighted to  receive books, colur pencils, pens, water bottles and school bags worth 40000  Rupees a generous gift from Mr Sandeep and Mrs Veneeta Halalka  in Calucutta India , a generous gift from  Mr Devsiri and his family.  On behalf of the Halalka family ,  the chairman of  UKFG, Mr Sirisena handed over the new school  items to each children

Mr Saman Meegahawathatha , the school principal thanked Mr Sandeep, Mrs Veneeta and their daughter Vedanshi  for the expensive gifts his children have received. He  said that at a time when parents could not afford to provide their children three  proper meals a day  it was very generous of Halalka family to step in and take the burden of having to buy school items away from them.  He also thanked Mr Sirisena Gamage and UKFG for all the gifts the school has received over the years. 

Mrs Chandrani, the teacher in charge of the 20 special need children at the unit also expressed her gratitude to Halalka family.   

In his speech, Mr Sirisena expressed his delight that UKFG had been able to help the school once again .  He also thanked the principal and Mrs Chandrani for the dedication and love they show for the special need children . He promised that the UKFG would continue to help those children in future,

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