Update and Annual Dana

Every Summer, Devsiri and family go back to Srilanka for four weeks. During their stay they would o meet all the children the 200+ children  sponsor.  They also visit poor schools in Galle and Matara and donate equipment, text books and new pairs of shoes for children. Devsiri and Ruvini’s children During these visits, Deshan, Shynie and Dinum give away many toys to these children which they have collected from their generous school friends in England

Hewavidana family’s trip to Srilanka 2011 was the most successful and fullfillng  because not only they gave away books and shoes to children but they also  handed over a  school library (donated by Alan Hutchison ) to Gatare school and a computer room and school Stage (Donated by Nicky Pahroah) to Massmulle junior School

Annual Dana (Alms-giving) Ceremony 31st July 2011

Every Year Devsiri and start their family’s charity work in Sothern Srilanka by inviting all his relatives and sponsored children to participate an annual Alms-giving (Dana Ceremony ) to commemorate his late father and  philanthropist Mr D C Hewavidana, late mother Kusuma and   all the deceased family members of Hewavidana Generation.  2011 Dana ceremony was held at Devsiri’s  father’s birth place Kamburupitiya .  2011  dana ceremony was attended by 200 relative and friends

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