Handing over the new safety wall to Ullala school

Johnson Matthey PLC (London) is one of the main benefactors of the children supported by UKFG.  Immediately after the Tsunami, the company offered 30 scholarships to  Tsunami victim children.  They have continuously sponsored the same number of children over the last thirteen years. Neil Carson, the CEO at Johnson Matthey until 2015, has already generously donated two brand new libraries and thousand new books to Ullala  Maha Vidayalaya and Rathanpala Maha Vidayalaya at Kamburupitiya.













On the of 3rd November 2015 Ellie Davison Ellie Davison (Group Charity and Communications Manager at JM) -visited Thumbe , Ratanapala and Ulllal schools.  Having seeing the dangerous state of the Ullala school compound and heard that some children and teachers had injured themselves by slipping down the broken pavement , Ellie pledged to fund a new safety wall.  On return to Uk, Ellie had discussed the need of the three schools with the company and they have generously agreed to fund a building project to build a new wall for Ullala school and a new library for Thumbe school.

On 30th June 2017 Saman Deshapriya., The   Director of Education for Kamburupitiya  ceremoniously cut the ribbon and  handed over the brand new safety wall built with the funds of Johnson Matthey.  Neil and Helen Carson and their daughter Hannah  had  sent a generous donation  to reward the bright  pupils of the school as well as to help children who had been badly affected by recent floods .

At the opening ceremony, on behalf of the Carson family , Mr Gamage presented top 3 bright children in each class with a valuable bundle of stationery and  hamper and financial aid to flood victims .

In his speech. Mr  Deshapriya thanked Ellie Davison  and Melanie brown new communication Manager at  Johnson Matthey and Neil Carson family for the continuous support they give to children at Kamburupitiya schools.  In his speech Mr Gamage explained to the new children the history of Ullala School and how hard late Mr D C Hewavidana had to fight the local opposition to build Ullala school at his own expense 71 years ago.    . He expressed his gratitude  to Johnson Matthey, Carson family and Hewavidana family for the continuous support and the vast amount of donations they had made to the school since 2003. The school Principal and the Head Prefect made speeches thanking the donors and explained how much difference these funds have made to Ullala children’s future.  In a colourful ceremony,  school children sang traditional songs and performed cultural dances in honour of the VIP guests.

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Donation of a Photocopier to Ratanapala school Kamburupitiya

On 14th June 2017  Mr Sirisena Gamage, chairman of UKFG ceremoniously handed over the much needed photo copy / printer to Mr Epitakatuwana, Principal of the Sapugoda Ratanapala School  The machine which was worth 165,000 rupees was a generous gift bythe  former Chairman of Johnson Matthey (LONDON), Mr Neil carson  his wife Mrs Helen Carson,  and their daughter Hannah.   Hannah had spent a very happy week at the school as a part of her gap year in February 2017 and won the hearts of all the children

In his address to the assembled 450 children and teachers, the Principal   expressed his utmost gratitude to the Carson family.  He explained that  his school had a great difficulty at exam times every year because they  had to  pay outside shops  to get all the question papers ,school letters and leaflets printed. . In a few occasions.  they could not conduct the term tests due to the high cost of printing .  He said that the gift of Photocopier was a God Send to the school.

Mr Gamage gave away prizes to top 3 children in every class  and also presented the children who had been badly affected by the recent Flood with books and clothes.  . All the presents  were paid for by the Carson family

The principal explained that the most wonderful gift Mr and Mrs Carson had given  to the school was  the  Neil Carson Library that was donated in 2012 .  The Principal further said that the Carson library with all the new text books was the secret of the school children’s success at  Grade 5 and O level exams .  He asked Mr Gamage to convey to Neil their cordial invitation to visit the school one day .

At the end of the ceremony, all children were given an ice cream treat paid for by the Carsons

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