Many of our sponsors are not only support their children with 1000 rupees a month scholarships, but also their funds buy children whatever they wish on special occasions like Birthdays, New Year and Christmas.

Also, every year when Devsiri and family visits Srilanka, some of UKFG sponsors give him small amount of money (like £30/£50)  and ask him to buy their children anything they want. Although this is a small sum for Sponsors, it goes a long way in Sri Lanka making a child’s dreams come true.

Normally UKFG Chairman Mr Gamage would take the child and her family to the biggest super store “Kotuwe kade” in Matara or Galle and ask them to choose  what ever they want. It is a joy to see these children walking from one aisle to another, touching and smelling the new clothes and trying new shoes that their parents would never able to afford to buy for them .  They would buy everything they and their siblings want. Then Mr Gamage would pay the bills take the whole family for a slap up meal at a near by cafe or hotel and make the whole day a memorable one for them. Many sponsors say that seeing the smiles of these poor children with their gifts are very rewarding for them 8000 miles away.

A few sponsors like Mick & Valerie Chittenden, Gill Budd, Margret Taylor, Sue Fuller and Nicky Pharaoh and her husband Colin Newbold have themselves visited Sri Lanka for a enjoyable holiday and then met the poor children they sponsor and their families at their home.  They have taken these  children they sponsor and families to the shops and made children wish come true by buying everything they need ..

Here are some of the heart warming pictures of Happy children receiving gifts or doing shopping in stores

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