Books and equipment donation to Massmulle School children

During our trip to Srilanka in 2013 we officially started all the UKFG work on the 23rd July 2013 by visiting Massmulle School, a poor rural school in Kamburupitya . The school that was under the threat  of closure in 2007 has gone through a remarkable turn around  and become one of the best schools in the district. This is all due to the genorisity of  UKFG member Nicky Pharoah and her company Learning Curve that has donated so much money to school.

As soon as we arrived, we were treated to an incredible ovation by  the school children , which was particularly gratifying for us as it is always great to see how much the local community support and value our project. We donated various new pieces of stationery and other tangible products to all the school children, which is seen as a luxury for them. Devsiri then donated the school  principal the picture frames and school calendars especially printed for them by Nicky Pharoah.  Our family bought everyone ice cream, which really brought a smile to children’s faces and brightened up everybody’s day.

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