A new Laptop, uniforms and shoes for Puswelkada School children

Having saved Massmulle Primary school in Kamburupitiya from imminent closure by donating it a new library, computer centre, books and shoes and uniforms for children every year, UKFG’s biggest donor Nicky Pharoah has extended her extra ordinary philanthropy to Pusewelkada Junior school in Galle.

On 8th January 2013, on behalf of Nicky Pharoah, her husband Colin Newbold and their company, The Learning Curve , UKFG chairman Mr Sirisena Gamage presented the children with new Uniforms and shoes. The children were utterly delighted with the gifts they have received. it was heart warming to see some of the children walking up and down the school corridor wearing a pair of shoes for the first time in their lives.

The School principal Margret Wellapili and the whole staff had a delightful surprise when Mr Gamage presented them with Nicky’s biggest gift, a brand New laptop worth 70000 rupees (£340) . This was a much needed teaching aid for the school and the children could not believe their luck when they are allowed to touch and feel it by the Principal.

At the thanks giving ceremony the children performed beautiful cultural dances and sang songs. The Head boy made a love thank you speech in fluent English. Mrs Wellapili in her speech thanked Nicky Pharaoh profoundly for the wonderful donations she had made to school and children . She explained that not only her school the whole Puswelkda village was grateful to Nicky and the her company for saving the school from closure by donating money and equipment. She further explained that almost all the parents of her children were very poor labourers and would not even earn £20 a month They could not afford to buy an expensive pair of shoes for £10 or uniform worth £8 for their children and Nicky had been their saviour.

Mr Gamage in his speech commended the teachers for the superb way the little children spoke in English . He hoped that using the new laptop as a learning aid, the children would pass more examinations and bring the credit to the school and the village. He also said that Nicky Pharoah has given the school’s brightest child LILLIAN FIELDS Scholarship in memory of her dear grandmother Lillian. He hoped that with the hep of this scholarship this child would go to University one day and then become.

At the end of the ceremony, the children and the parents were treated to tea, biscuits Ice cream .

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