Deshan Hewavidana buying gifts for more children

Devsiri and his two boys Deshan and Dinum took a group of 15 UK scholarship children, including medical students, to a big store named KOTUWE KADE(“Harrods of Galle”)  to buy anything and everything. Deshan gave every child £20 from the money he had raised  and asked them toi buy anything they wished. . It was joy to watch these children walking from one aisle to another with their parents touching the new clothes and trying new shoes  Many bought shoes, bags and other accessories, whilst many bought things for their siblings back home.. All the children then posed outside the store with Devsiri and company and then proceeded to the next part of the day. This was giving the scholarship children unforgettable dinner at a local restaurant.

Many couldn’t believe that they were getting this opportunity, and all 15 had to budge up in the UKFG van and on three-wheelers. They then reached the restaurant by the sea in famous Galle Fort and were treated to the traditional rice and curry, which gave many of the children chances to socialise with one another and talk to Deshan and Dinum about life. Everyone then had mango or pineapple smoothies, which brought smiles to their faces .

Deshan and Dinum then gave out more gifts to all the children. Deshan in particular presented last three of his UKFG t-shirts to children he liked and thought deserved them the most. At the end, everyone posed for a group photo in the beautiful night time at  Galle  Fort. Children and the parents thanked Deshan and Dinum and said they would never forget this occasion

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