Dinum’s visits to five schools in Kamburupitiya

Every August school holidays Devsiri and Ruvini Hewavidana’s three children go to Srilanka to meet the children sponsored by UK Friends of Galle.  2019 was no different and they were in Srilanka once again  on a visit to schools. 

During the first week of August 2019, Deshan and Dinum visited the UKFG  family of schools in Kamburupitiya and met many children.  Dinum presented Massmulle Junior school children with a few sets of cricket, badminton and netball.  Primary school children there learnt to play football from Dinum for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed kicking the ball about. 

Deshan and Dinum spent another day playing cricket and badminton with their pals at Sapugoda Rathanajothi school. They visited every class to give the prize for the child who came first in the term test.   They were very pleased to hear from the principal that children were making full use of the Neil Carson badminton court UKFG had donated to school  in 2017 and the school had already  produced a few talented players.

At Ullala central school, not only did the two brothers play badminton with the children but they also joined in singing songs with the children and entertained them with various party tricks.  The school received new sports equipment from Dinum.  then visited Thumbe Junior school Later in the week, Dinum his father Devsiri and uncle Laksiri visited Thumbe Junior school with more books for  their D C HEWAVIDANA  library which was  gifted by Johnson Matthey a year earlier Their final destination was Puhulwella Central school where they received a tremendous welcome from the staff and children.  He played badminton with the children on Carson badminton court.  Mr Neil Carson had donated to them in 2018. Also during his visits, Dinum donated 5000 rupees each from his own pocket money to all the five schools.  The school principals assured Dinum  that the money would be used to buy essential books for the respective  school  libraries.

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