UKFG Donations July 2020

The corona virus crisis has hit the rural communities in Srilanka very badly.  Parents of many children we support in Kamburupitiya town and surrounding villages are casual labourers and most of them have lost their jobs during the lock down. The government currently gives 5000 Rupees (£25) a month to poor families which is barely sufficient for a week’s provision for a family with a few young children.

Many of our sponsors, Harrow Trust, Johnson Matthey, Manisha Wickramarathna, Matthew Fosh and others have kindly stepped in to offer more help to the children.  As a result of their generosity, UKFG has been able to buy dry rations  (10 kilos of rice, sugar, dhal, flour, tea, green gram, canned fish, biscuits and soap) groceries,  books, new shoes and other essential items worth around 15000 Rupees for them.

So far our chairman Mr Sirisena Gamage and Mr Laksiri Hewavidana have made surprise visits to eight children’s houses with the gift boxes. The families are overwhelmed by the unexpected goods they have received and expressed their utmost gratitude to their British sponsors. In the coming weeks, Mr Gamage will continue visiting the houses of the remaining children with the gifts.

We are delighted to mention one of the children we sponsor , Miss H.G. Piumi Bhagya Madhura Jeewani who attends Southland College, Galle has gained  9 Grade A’s at O Level 2020 . These are the best results by any UKFG sponsored student in our 15 year history.

Most of the schools in Srilanka have turned to online lessons during the coronavirus crisis. Unfortunately only the children with rich parents can benefit from these lessons. Poor children in rural areas are getting behind with their lessons because they can only dream of owning a laptop or computer at home.   

Jonson Matthey has kindly stepped in to help ten of the bright children of UKFG by offering them laptops.  On 3rd of August 2020, Mr Laksiri Hewavidana (see photos) has donated our first laptop to Piyumi Bhagya . We hope that this wonderful gift from Jonson Matthey will help the genius child Bhagya who has achieved best  O Level results to excel at her school and get 4 grade A’s at A Level in 2022

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