Nicky Pharoah buying gifts for the children

Nicky Pharoah, the Managing Director of The Learning Curve at  Tunbridge Wells, not only saved Massmulle school by donating a library and computer centre, she also sponsors 10 children there. Before leaving UK, Deshan received  money from Nicky with the request that they should be spent on her 10 children for buying anything and everything they want.

After visiting the first two schools Massmulle and Kahagala , later in the afternoon, Devsiri and his two sons Deshan and Dinum invited Nicky’s  children to the biggest stores at Kamburupitiya. They all turned up smartly dressed and with their parents.  The  children were given £15 (2500 rupees) to spend on clothes, shoes and other accessories and ended up having a great time buying whatever they pleased for the first time in their lives. Some of the poor parents who could only dream of buying those things for their children were shedding tears with happiness.  They were expressing gratitude to Nicky and her husband Colin and thanking them for their continuous support for  their children and the school.  Mr Gamage then donated £50 Nick has given to little Ayesha’s mum who is struggling to bring up her family with three young children.

Afterwards, Devsiri and his boys met up with the children and took some photos outside the store, and Deshan and Dinum shook hands and posed with all the lovely scholarship children.

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