Renovating Puswelkada school building and donating children books

In 1957, Devsiri’s father’s employer and closest friend, the famous Philanthropist in Galle, late B R Disanayake founded the Puswelkada junior school, Galle.  For four decades. Devsiri’s father had been the patron of the school who looked after the welfare of poor children there. Since his passing away the school was somewhat neglected by the authorities and building had become dilapidated

Mr Sirisena Gamge’s latest project in 2012 was to totally renovate the school building. He had irons grills fitted on to windows and installed new gates to protect staff and children from astray dogs and birds. The building was then re-painted. The cost of 160,000 rupees (£800) was equally shared by Nicky Pharorah (Tunbridge Wells) and Devsiri’s family.

On 13th November 2013, little Dinum Hewavidana’s 9th Birthday, in front of local dignitaries, parents and children Mr Gamage ceremonially handed over the building to the school Head Mrs Margret Wellapili. Instead of having a party in England Dinum celebrated his birthday by donating book bags, pens,pencil and exercise books to all the children at Puswelkada school.

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