UKFG donates stationery to Sapugoda and Gatare school children

In 2011, Neil Carson, the CE at Johnson Matthey donated  the beautiful Carson library to Sapugada Ratanapala school . At the same time Alan Hutchison donated a complete library with new books to the neighbouring school Gatare Junior. Dinum Hewavidana made  flying visits to the both schools on 4th Jan 2013 .  There were grand welcoming ceremonies at the schools where children performed cultural dances and sang songs. Little Dinum  presented children with stationery which he had brought from England. .    The two principals expressed their gratitude to Neil Carson and Alan Hutchison and said the libraries had made a huge difference to children’s education. 

At the end of the ceremony the children and the staff were delighted to receive   a British coin each from Dinum as a souvenir . Then the  children and  parents were treated to  ice cream by Mr Gamage.

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