Annual Dana Ceremony to commemorate past members of Hewavidana and Gamage generation

Every Year Devsiri’s  family starts their  charity work in Southern Srilanka by inviting all their  relatives and UKFG’s sponsored children to participate in  an annual Alms-giving (Dana Ceremony ) to commemorate Devsiri’s  late father and philanthropist Mr D C Hewavidana, late mother Kusuma and all the deceased family members of Hewavidana and Gamage Generation.

Late Mr D C Hewavidana was a well known person in Souther Srilanka who spent most of his wealth on  helping  the poor and unprivileged in the society. He founded the Ullala School in  Kamburupitiya and also built temples, hospital wards , community centres and houses for the poor. in 50s and 60s He gave more than 200 scholarships to poorest children in the South.   Many of them went to University and become doctors accountant , civil servants and engineers. It is heart warming to see Devsiri and  two of his siblings Laksiri and Chulani and Devsiri’s wife Ruvini, children Deshan, Shynie and Dinum are now continuing with the good work Mr D C Hewavidana started all those years ago

2012 Dana ceremony was held at Ruvini Hewavidana’s father and UKFG Lanka Chairman Mr Sirisena Gamage’s house. More than 350 members of Hewavidana and Gamage generation as well as UKFG scholars came to participated in the great Dan ceremony . Chief monks from the local temples as well as Galle graced the occasion . In his sermon priests reminded everybody the wonderful social service carried out by late Mr D C Hewavidana for a half a decade .

The chief Monk at Galle Kotuwe temple Rev Panangala Hemaloka himi described all the wonderful charity work Mr Hewavidana carried out in the Galle and Matar area and expressed his delighted that his children now following their father’s foot step and help poor children, schools and temples. In his sermon, Rev Ullala Chandima himi, who is the son of late Mr Hewavidana’s brother , paid much tribute to his uncle and described him one in a million

After the Danaya and sermons every priest was offered “Ata Pirikara” by Hewavidana and Gamage families . then the priest chanted Buddhist “Seth Pirith” to bless everybody a healthy and happy life

After the Danaya , 350 guests were served delicious lunch prior to the start of Annula UKFG Matara children’s get together.

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