The Annual Dinner Party and Get Together for Matara UKFG children

Devsiri and his family held a massive function for all of the UKFG scholarship children based in Matara. The event was held at UKFG Srilanka’s  chairman Mr Gamage’s residence at Yatiyana , Matara , and over 200 people enjoyed the great evfent. The party started with the scholarship children coming into Mr Gamage’s house and being served traditional Sri Lankan cuisine by a professional chef. Everybody enjoyed the delicious food and talked to fellow friends and scholars, and  the large gathering of Hewavidana’s family’s relatives.

After lunch, the entertainment proceedings started. Similar to that of the Hewavidanas visits to the schools, children performed cultural dances and performed songs to say thank you to their sponsors for giving them the opportunity for their scholarships. Additionally, Deshan and Dinum entertained the masses with their renditions of Michael Jackson’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’, the inspirational ‘ I’m Coming Home to Sri Lanka’ and the traditional ‘Mata Meni  Wage’ (Proud to be a Sri Lankan).  There were many speeches including one from Former Chief Minister to Southern Province Mr D G Sirisena .  Mr Gamge describe all the work UKFG had been doing  at local schools without much publicity thanked everybody who attended the event. Mrs Margret Wellapili, principal of Puswelkada School spoke on behalf of all the schools and explained how Mrs Nicky Pharoah not only saved Massmulle school from closure but also saved her little schools. She said it was a joy to see her poor children who used to come to school disheveled  before now come dressed in brand new uniforms and shoes.

At the end of the ceremony, Devsiri Hewavidana made a speech giving the back ground of UKFG and describing the wonderful social service his late father Mr D C Hewavidana started in the area .  He asked UKFG scholars have a good education and serve their motherland well for future generations.  Then all the children were given gift packs of stationery and party bags to take home.  As always, ice cream was served to everyone to round of the perfect day.

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