Donation of speakers and books to Akurugoda Ratanajothi Junior School

The final school that Devsiri’s family visited during the2012 holidays  was Akurugoda. This is where Sam Connelly donated a new school library in 2009.    from  Here, they were treated to a short lunch before seeing their final ceremony. There were two presenters, one who spoke Sinhala and one who spoke English, which helped to show the schools great understanding for both languages. As expected, there was great dancing in the form of girls with colourful dresses on, and there was a vast array of singers, including a girl named Chalani who sang and played the violin perfectly.

After the speeches from the senior figures of the school and UKFG, Deshan was invited do a speech of his own. Here, he thanked his fellow friends and supporters at both his school the Norton Knatchbull and his sisters Highworth. He also paid tribute to his father Devsiri, stating that he told him that it is always better to give than to receive.  Shynie, Devsiri’s daughter, was then invited up onto stage to present a gifts to the school, where the money was raised from her savings towards an iPhone . Afterwards, Deshan presented his final gift, two surround-sound speakers for the school, which was cheered by the school to great volumes. Dinum and cousin Dinil then rounded things off with a rendition of the beautiful ‘I’m Coming Home to Sri Lanka’. At the end of it all, delicious ice cream was given to all and the Hewavidana waved goodbye to yet another marvellous UKFG year.

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