Donation Howpe School

After leaving  Puswelkada school , the family visited Howpe School. The school is close to Devsiri’s heart as it was the first school he ever attended. As always, they arrived to a great reception . After having some quick snacks with the school’s staff, they went straight to another talent show; the only difference was this school had two presenters who were schoolchildren.  There was cute dancing from girls in rainbow-coloured dresses, and traditional dancing in the form of the ‘Goni Billa’. After the headmaster, Mr Gamage and Devsiri gave their speeches; Deshan was invited to sing a song to them all. But instead of singing solo, he sang with his brother Dinum, to show the two’s unity.

They sang a song called ‘I’m Coming Home to Sri Lanka’, which was inspirational and children gave them a rapturous round of applause. Then, Deshan presented another small parcel, this time it was £65 worth of money to buy the school a much needed school table. Finally, delicious ice cream was handed out to the children and Deshan and Dinum talked to girland boys about their school life and sang more beautiful songs for them.

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