Donation of Musical instruments to Puswelkada Primary school

Devsiri and family made the hour long trip to Galle to visit two schools. The first of the two was Puswelkada Junior school . They arrived to a great reception, to which the schoolchildren exclaimed ‘Ayubowan’ (Welcome)

It was a very lively and welcoming atmosphere to say the least. The school then commenced with their culture school, which was interesting as there were many dancers in multi-coloured uniforms and one brave girl stood up on the stage and spoke in English, to everyone’s delight. Deshan then presented a small parcel to the school, which contained a set of brand new curtains for the school stage . Then Mr Ganmage Srilanka chairman of UKFG told the delighted children oand staff that Mrs Nicky Pharoah has send money to erect protective grills around the school building. This would protect children from birds and stray dogs.

More ice cream was given out, but this time the children had 2 sets. Finally, Dinum shook hands with the children, to which the children waved back after meeting their new ‘friend’.

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