Donation of books and a sound system to Ratnapala School at Kamburupitiya

Devsiri and family travelled to Ratnapala School where Neil Carson , MD at Johnson Matthey donated a brand new library in 2011. They were shown around the school beforehand and saw the Neil Carson Library which had been built to improve the schoolchildren’s education. The school treated Devsiri and company to their own talent show, which paved the way for more dancing in the form of small girls with babies and of course, Dinum and Deshan performing a memorable rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’.

At the end of the show, Deshan was invited up to the stage to present his gift to the school; this time he donated two speakers and books for educational and entertainment purposes. At the end of it all, the children were given more ice cream and Devsiri’s boys waved goodbye to another school and another hard day’s work.

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