Devsiri & Family’s Visit to Massmulle school

Devsiri and his family visited Massmulle school that has been supported by Nicky Pharorah in UK over the last five years.

They were treated to a rapturous welcome from the school and then proceeded to be the guests of honour at their ceremony. There were many items present, such as speeches from senior figures of UKFG, traditional dancing from schoolchildren and singing from Devsiri’s two sons Deshan and Dinum.

After the ceremony finished, Devsiri’s son Deshan donated an envelope worth 16,000 rupees (£65 ) to the school, all funded from his T-Shirt sales in the Norton Knatchbull School and Highworth.  This money is  to be used to build a beautiful pond .At the end of the donation, all schoolchildren were given a rare treat of ice cream.

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