Masmulle School Stationery Donations

Jo Riches and Rob Steed, who built and maintain the new UKFG website wanted to go  to Sri Lanka with their Children Dylan and Lily for a family holiday.  Dylan, and his sister Lily, decided they would like to take stationery and art equipment for one of the schools UKFG supports , the Massmulle.  Dylan did a sponsored walk that raised over £250 and both children asked their friends and family to donate stationery.

A family friend donated some colourful pencil cases, and 2 boxes of stationery and art equipment was donated.

On 8th  April  2012  Jo Riches and Rob Steed  went to Massmulle School  with the family. , Devsiri and his son Dinum who had earlier flown in from the UK to spend Srilankan new year at home and Mr G ( Chairman Sirisena Gamage ) were there to welcome the Steed family .

The school had organised a tremendous welcome for the family.   Dylan and Lily were able to present every child in the school with a pencil case full of pens and pencils.  They also donated 2 computer chairs, a large fan and a pair of wireless microphones for the school.  Finally, they left a large box of stationery to share.  The children presented Liily with a birthday cake which she cut while everybody was singing Happy birthday to her.

The presentation took place at the school’s annual sports day to celebrate Sri Lankan New Year.  The whole family were made very welcome and very much enjoyed meeting the children and their families.    Then they were whisked away to another welcome Ceremony at Ratanapala school where Neil Carson had donated a beautiful Carson library in January 2012.   The children had organised a very colourful event with various cultural dances and sing songs.   Dylan presented the school children with stationery.

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