PC Donation at Ratanapala School, Sapugoda, Kamburupitiya

The Chief Executive at Johnson Matthey(London) Neil Carson and Family, followed their wonderful gift of a brand new Neil Carson school library to Ratanapal School in Sapugada, Kamburupitiya in January 2012, with a further donation of £1000 ( 190,000 Srilankan rupees) . Mr Carson let the school decide what they would like to buy with this generous fund . The children expressed their wishes to have  new IT equipment bought with this huge donation.

On 12th March 2012, in a simple ceremony, Lanka chairman of UKFG , Mr Sirisena Gamge handed over a brand new computer, scanner, printer and multi media projector bought from Neil’s donation. He also donated new book racks for the Carson library.

In his speech, The School Principal Mr Ananda, thanked MR Carson and family for adopting their little school and giving them a wonderful future with the donation of the library , books and now the IT equipment. He said the Carson Library was beyond their wildest dream and he cannot belive how fortunate his school to receive such a wonderful gift from Carson family 8000 miles away whom they have never met. Now this gift of IT equipment would help him and his staff to use new technology to educate his children better. Mr Ananda further said that not only his staff,and the children, but the whole village is looking forward to see Carson family visiting them one day so they all could  personally express their gratitude to them.         The principal also thanked   Mr Gamage and all the UK FRIENDS OF GALLE.

Addressing the children, Mr Gamage thanked the school for organising the simple ceremony and said Mr Carson and family were delighted to see the photos and the video of the library opening ceremony and they were amazed to watch the wonderful dance and singing performance by the children that day. Mr & Mrs Carson was humbled to see the delight in children’s eyes on that day and they have decided to make more funds available to buy IT equipment for children to use. Mr Gamage further said Carson hoped that the children at Ratanapala would use all the new facilities, do well with education and go to University. Mr Gamage told the children that the only thing UKFG expect from children is to work hard at school become great Citizen of Srilanka and serve the motherland well

The photos below shows the delightful smiles of children who just received latest gifts from Mr Neil Carson and Family.

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