Month: August 2012


Galle Scholarship Party 2012

The final UKFG event the Hewavidana Family held was the Galle Party. Here, a massive function was held for all UKFG scholarship children located in Galle, the region which was most impacted by the Asian Tsunami in 2004. It was held at the famous historical Buddhist Temple Wijayanada Pirivena with venerable Buddhist Monks involved to […]


Annual Dana Ceremony to commemorate past members of Hewavidana and Gamage generation

Every Year Devsiri’s  family starts their  charity work in Southern Srilanka by inviting all their  relatives and UKFG’s sponsored children to participate in  an annual Alms-giving (Dana Ceremony ) to commemorate Devsiri’s  late father and philanthropist Mr D C Hewavidana, late mother Kusuma and all the deceased family members of Hewavidana and Gamage Generation. Late […]


Donation Howpe School

After leaving  Puswelkada school , the family visited Howpe School. The school is close to Devsiri’s heart as it was the first school he ever attended. As always, they arrived to a great reception . After having some quick snacks with the school’s staff, they went straight to another talent show; the only difference was […]

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